VIP SPEAKER                    --  Cathal McNaughton --

Ballynahinch Camera Club have a very special guest speaker this Thursday, 9 September.  We are delighted that Pullitzer Prize winning photographer, Cathal McNaughton, has agreed to give a talk.  We have never before had a speaker of this calibre!


Cathal McNaughton is a multi-award-winning photojournalist currently based in Ireland. After winning the Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for his coverage of the Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh, Cathal relocated back to Ireland where he is continuing his work documenting people and places.


Previously Cathal was chief photographer for Reuters in India and has travelled extensively in Asia covering news stories of world importance. He also worked for Reuters in Europe, the Press Association and The Daily Telegraph - and his work regularly features in leading publications across the globe.


Cathal’s photography has won him major accolades including POYI, U.K Press Photographer of the Year, Royal Photographer of the Year and Environmental Photographer of the Year. His work capturing the struggle of the exiled Rohingya Muslims saw him awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Photography in New York in 2018.


Cathal also runs Street Photography workshops and will spend some time covering this during the presentation, which will be particularly useful with the "Street Photography" themed round this year.


As there is a considerable cost in securing a speaker of this calibre, this will be a pay to view event.  We are opening the Zoom doors to guests who can join for £5.00.  However our own members can join us on Thursday for the discounted fee of £3.00. See HOW TO PAY below.


Frances Price

Secretary – Ballynahinch Camera Club




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