• John Knipe

Composites and panels

At last week’s meeting Terry welcomed Brian McClure as the visiting speaker. Brian appeared by the magic of Zoom and delivered a fascinating and informative talk, showing off many of his amazing images. Brian is currently chairman of Catchlight Camera Club and over the past few years has gained many awards and distinctions for his photographic work. Brian was very willing to share, at least some of, the techniques he uses to obtain his prize-winning photographs which included mono portraits, and stunning aviation shots. He is quite an advocate of composite images and showed what could be done with Photoshop, a degree of skill, much patience and a lot of imagination. Two of Brian's images are shown below.

At this week’s meeting the images which have been submitted for Round 3 of the NIPA competition will be judged. This is an open round and entries must be received by tomorrow (Saturday).


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