• John Knipe

Dee Tutor on the art of image making

On 8 October, after some technical difficulties, Terry welcomed Daria Casement (aka Dee Tutor) as the guest speaker. Daria’s talk was entitled ‘The art of image making’ and it proved to be rather thought-provoking; examining issues such as what is meant by image making and what makes a good photo? The medium of Zoom proved to be very useful in allowing the audience ask her questions from the comfort of their own homes.

At this week’s meeting, members will have the opportunity to share post processing techniques when they will show the image as it came out of the camera, the one they finished up with and what they did to get it there. The more the merrier - so if you have a suitable image and would like to share your secrets, be prepared to take the floor, or should that be screen?


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