• John Knipe

Fell running and Urbex

At this week’s meeting Terry Hanna welcomed two guest speakers from RAW Camera Club in Lisburn.

Colm McMullan spoke first and gave a very interesting talk about his love for photography and how it linked in with his other great love, fell running. Colm illustrated his talk with many of the photographs he has taken whilst out on the Mournes both as a competitor and as a spectator. He described how he prepares for a shoot, carefully selecting his vantage points and shooting angles. Colm also showed some of the photographs he has taken of cars and the heavens. Unlike his landscape photos which have minimal post processing work, the automobile and astro images demanded much more time and skill in Photoshop.

Robert MacAskill entitled his talk ‘Beauty in decay’ and his talk centered on photographs he has taken both inside and outside derelict buildings. This is a genre of photography known as ‘Urbex’. Robert’s photographs had been mainly taken in County Down and showed buildings such as abandoned factories and houses in various states of ruin. He even had one photograph which had been taken inside a derelict house in Seaforde a number of years ago. To many people, it may not seem the most exciting of topics but it really was fascinating glimpse into a ‘Forgotten Ulster’.

This week’s meeting takes the form of a critique evening when members get the opportunity to discuss images which they may be considering for entry into the next NIPA themed round which is entitled ‘Emotion’.


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