• John Knipe

Hugh Rooney on mono photography

At last Thursday evening’s meeting Terry Hanna welcomed photographer Hugh Rooney. Hugh is currently President of NIPA and is a member of Bangor and North Down Camera Club. He has had photographs published in many prestigious magazines and his images have been included in numerous exhibitions including the Royal Photographic Society’s International Print Exhibition.

Hugh’s talk centred around his architectural and landscape mono prints. He showed many stunning images and told the stories behind them. The many miles of driving to reach a location, the research into tidal times and the sun’s position, the numerous times visiting one location, and the endless hours spent in front of a computer screen were testament to the dedication and passion Hugh has for his hobby. As a general rule, stunning images don’t just happen by accident!

At this week’s meeting, images which have been submitted for Round 3 of the NIPA competition will be judged. The genre of this round is Landscape.


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