• John Knipe

Judging Round 2

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

At last Thursday evening’s meeting images which had been entered for Round 2 of the NIPA competition were judged by visiting judge Martin Spackman, a past president of NIPA. This was a themed round on the genre of landscape. A wide range of quality images had been submitted and Martin had his work cut out for him critiquing each image, awarding a score and selecting the top four images in each category. The results are as follows:-

Mono prints – 1st= Brian Blakely and Alan Chowney, 3rd Frances Price and 4th Brian Shields.

Colour Prints – 1st Terry Hanna, 2nd Brian Shields, 3rd Brian Shields and 4th Gary Cowan.

Projected Digital Images – 1st and 2nd John McCullough, 3rd= Brian Shields and Harry Goodman.

These images will represent the club at the Northern Ireland final in November.

At this week’s meeting, club members Terry Hanna and Lawrence Perkins will conduct their second workshop on Photoshop and Lightroom.


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