• John Knipe

NIPA Round 3 results

This week’s meeting was something of a departure from the norm when members travelled virtually to NIPA’s adjudication of the Round 3 images. We joined folks from many of NIPA’s affiliated clubs, up to Zoom’s maximum of one hundred participants – late comers were unable to enter the meeting. Images from Terry, Brian, Frances, Keith, Gary and Jock represented BHCC and although they scored well, no stars were obtained. BHCC did maintain its 8th position overall in the competition.

It was interesting to hear the critiques from the three judges and it emphasized the idea that judging is a very subjective occupation and, a bit like being a football referee, can be a thankless task. There were a number of what can only be described as ‘strange’ scores but that seems to go with the territory. Nevertheless, few would argue with the winning images and all the images can be viewed on the NIPA website - NIPA Interclub Competition 2020-2021, Round 3 Adjudication (Open) (

At next week’s meeting images which have been submitted for Round 4 of the NIPA competition will be judged.


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