• John Knipe

Panels galore!

At last week’s meeting Frances introduced members to a club competition which involves the preparation of a panel of six photographs. This is a new venture for the club and is aimed at encouraging members to take their photography to the next level by preparing a panel of photographs for adjudication by the Royal Photographic Society. While the RPS panel involves ten images, the BHCC competition will only ask for six.

Frances also outlined a similar innovation by NIPA which involves affiliated clubs submitting a panel representing the work of at least five members.

These new initiatives promise to give club members plenty to get their teeth into during these days of lockdown. Frances will be sending out an email over the next few days which will outline the rules of the Panel competition.

At this week’s meeting Ballynahinch members will join with members from other clubs in Northern Ireland for the adjudication of Round Three.


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