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Richard Peters - wildlife photographer extraordinaire

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Members, and a few visitors, were treated to talk from an exceptional photographer who appeared, through the wonders of Zoom, from his home in Surrey. Richard Peters is a highly acclaimed wildlife photographer who has received numerous accolades for his work, including being one of the only British photographers to be named the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, alongside winning several awards in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Richard is best known for a style that often favours dramatic light.

In the first of two sessions, Richard gave a talk which he entitled ‘Building blocks to successful wildlife photography’. This talk was illustrated with stunning animal photographs which he had taken all over the world. He was very willing to share stories of when he got things wrong and when his planned shots had not worked out as he had hoped. According to Richard, a successful wildlife image depended on light, mood, drama, personality, and simplicity. He tries to get the image correct in the camera and only uses editing software to make minor alterations. Much patience and perseverance, along with a little luck, are required to produce an award-winning image.

In the second session of the evening Richard was mindful that photography opportunities have been severely impacted by current travel restrictions, but it is still possible to photograph nature in the back garden. He went on to show how he had set about photographing urban foxes and badgers which visited his home.

Richard finished his presentation with a question-and-answer session. It was a fascinating evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

This week’s meeting will take the form of the Annual General Meeting.


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