• John Knipe

Round 5 results

At last week’s meeting the images which had been submitted for Round 5 of the NIPA competition were judged by Robert Sergeant from CPA camera club in Belfast. Robert is a very accomplished photographer and he gave a very constructive critique on each image. The results are as follows.

Mono: First; John Gallagher, Equal second; Terry Hanna and Linda McMullan, Fourth; Keith Wilson.

Colour: Equal first; Frances Price and John McCullough, Third; Terry Hanna. Fourth; Linda McMullan.

PDI: Equal first; John McCullough (2), Third; Terry Hanna, Fourth; Brian Blakely.

This week’s meeting will take the form of the annual Charlie Rutledge competition. Charlie was a founder-member of the club and had a great passion for black and white prints. This competition is held in his memory and members are encouraged to submit up to four mono images which may be on any theme.


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