• John Knipe

'Shooting' birds in flight!

At last Thursday evening’s meeting the guest speaker was wildlife photographer Danny Gibson. Danny’s passion for his subject was obvious as he talked about photographing birds, especially birds in flight. He showed the club members the lenses and cameras which he uses to capture the stunning images for which he is renowned. Danny shared many of the techniques he has perfected over the years. It was obvious from what he said that prize-winning images don’t just happen – skill with the camera, knowledge of the behaviour of the birds, and perhaps a little luck, all combine together to obtain an image which is just that little bit special. Danny finished his talk by showing a few photographs of WW2 aircraft, saying that the methodology of photographing birds also applied to aeroplanes.

At this week’s meeting, club member John Knipe will speak about his recent expedition to Mount Fuji in aid of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust. Members will also get an opportunity to critique images which have been submitted for the forthcoming competition on the theme of Transport. If possible, these images should be submitted in advance in the usual way, to arrive no later than noon on Wednesday. Please entitle your email Transport.


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