• John Knipe

Terry goes gigging!

Last Thursday evening Terry gave a very entertaining and informative talk about his music gig photography. Terry illustrated his talk with a selection of the many images he has taken over the years at gigs both near and far. He shared fascinating stories behind some of the images and described the many pitfalls of trying to take quality photographs during a live gig. Drum kits, microphone stands, wires, speakers and other people’s heads were just some of the many obstacles in the way of a stunning image of an artiste. Terry also shared the camera settings which he had found to be the best at improving the chances of a ‘keeper’ – an image which was worthy of keeping!

Many photographers enjoy producing multimedia presentations of their photographs and there is host of computer programs dedicated to this task. At this week’s meeting, members will share their experiences of using the particular program they use and give a brief demonstration of its main features.

Band of Friends headline the annual Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival in Ballyshannon in 2019


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