• John Knipe

Thick socks and thermal vests!

Anne Given was the guest speaker on Thursday evening. Anne and her husband Bob were former members of Ballynahinch and it was lovely to welcome her back. Her talk entitled “Thick Socks and Thermal Vests” covered a number of her and her husband’s trips to Antarctica. On these voyages they had seen many wild and beautiful areas. She explained about sea ice and icebergs and the dangers. They had encountered much local wildlife, including penguins, and she explained the different seal species to be seen, not all of whom were friendly! There are many scientific outposts in Antarctica and she had visited a couple of abandoned ones which had remained untouched over the years. Her talk gave an insight into the challenges faced by explorers like Shackleton, whom Anne particularly admired.

This week's meeting is the Novice competition and all entries should now have been submitted.


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