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Tony Moore - Fine Art Photography

In a change to the published programme, Terry welcomed award-winning photographer Tony Moore as the guest speaker at last Thursday evening’s meeting. Thanks to the wonders of Zoom, Ballynahinch members were joined by visitors from other Northern Ireland camera clubs for this very special evening. Tony is a professional photographer based in Omagh, and he describes his work as ‘fine art commercial photography’.

During the first half of his talk he showed some of his work and described how he had achieved the finished images which would generally be printed on acrylic measuring five feet wide. One image will require multiple photographs skilfully blended together to achieve the desired effect. As many of Tony’s commissions involve landscape photography, a lot of planning is required with regards to the weather and the position of the sun. His images don’t ‘just happen’.

The second half of Tony’s talk took the form of what can only be described as a masterclass in the use of Lightroom. He demonstrated how an average photograph could be transformed into an outstanding image using some of Lightroom’s many tools and, of course, an artistic eye. Members left the meeting fired up and looking forward to trying some of the techniques they had just seen. Tony’s work can be viewed on his website –

This week’s meeting will be a little more mundane, but nevertheless important, when the results of the final round of the NIPA competition will be announced.


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