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Ballynahinch Camera Club - Thursday, 24th February:

At this week's meeting, Ballynahinch Camera Club welcomed an external speaker, Tony North, from Manchester, via Zoom. Tony is a highly accomplished photographer with a great love of nature. He especially loves capturing insects and flowers and revealing their amazing beauty by means of macro photography. His talk tonight was on "Flora" which covered a wide variety of flowers as well as trees, grasses and plenty of fungi. He highlighted the different species found at different times of the year. He explained the techniques and styles he used and gave many useful tips such as how to photo stack. This involves taking several shots of the same subject but manually focussing on different areas of it and stacking the images in Photoshop so they merge and the subject is rendered completely sharp from back to front. He explained the equipment he used such as LED panels to throw light up into fungi to make them look almost magical. A water spray bottle was another of his tricks for getting a very creative effect with water droplets. Members were both entertained and inspired by his images.

Next week three of the club's members will judge the images submitted for the final round of the year, which is an open round. Comments will be given on all images.

Best wishes,

Frances Price



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