• John Knipe

Triggers, tablets and settings!

Last week’s meeting really showed how, in some cases, a Zoom meeting could be better than a physical meeting. The meeting was entitled ‘Advanced Camera Techniques’ and truth to be told, a number of members may well have felt intimidated by such a title. They need not have worried as everyone was treated to a most enjoyable and informative evening.

John McCullough and Keith Wilson gave very informative demonstrations on the use of a Miops trigger. For those who don’t know what such a device is, it is a gadget which allows photographs of high speed actions such as water drops, lightning flashes and balloons popping to be taken with a reasonable degree of success. The trigger can be triggered by sound or light.

Here are some of John's amazing images.

Frances then showed how she uses a graphic tablet when editing photographs. It allows much more accurate editing than using a mouse.

Terry finished off the evening by showing how customized settings can be programmed into a camera to enable the photographer to increase his hit rate of successful photographs when changing quickly from one type of subject to another.

This week’s meeting sees the judging of Round two of the NIPA competitions. Ballynahinch featured well in Round one of the competition, coming eighth out of twenty two clubs. Five rounds will be held during the year.


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