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Volunteering to Photograph Art

Ballynahinch Camera Club Thursday, 10th February:

At this week's meeting, Club Secretary, Frances Price, gave a presentation on her time volunteering with Art UK as a photographer last summer, following her retirement from full time employment. Art UK is a charity and the online home for every public art collection in the UK. She had got involved with their public sculpture project, initially covering Co. Antrim but as she had enjoyed it she had been asked to do Down and Londonderry as well. She explained what cameras and lenses she had used and how she had to to capture each of the outdoor sculptures from different angles and also in the context of their environment. There had been challenges with access and lighting and of course just trying to find some of the sculptures. However, she had thoroughly enjoyed being involved and had successfully delivered many hundreds of files for the use of Art UK.

Best wishes,

Frances Price


Ballynahinch Camera Club


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