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When Life Gives you Lemons

Ballynahinch Camera Club -- Thursday, 17 February 2022.

At this week's Zoom meeting, Ballynahinch Camera Club were joined by Jennifer Willis, ARPS AIPF DPAGB EFIAP, who gave a talk entitled, "When Life Gives you Lemons". Jennifer joined Catchlight Camera Club just 3 years ago but her photography has progressed spectacularly and she has gained many major distinctions and awards in that short time frame.

Jennifer became involved with photography after being told she had MS. She is particularly keen on sports photography and shared many amazing rugby images as well as other sports. Her style is to concentrate on the detail in faces and edit out any distractions. She also shared wonderful portraits of dogs including those in a rescue centre in Spain at which she helps out for a period each year.

But Jennifer said the most important images she has ever done are part of an ongoing project which aims to highlight women who have been told they have secondary breast cancer leading to a terminal diagnosis. She had asked these women into a studio and each of them told her that once they move from a primary to a secondary breast cancer diagnosis then there is no nursing care or support in place in Northern Ireland. All the women felt alone and afraid. Jennifer used the studio sessions to allow the women to tell their stories and present themselves in intimate images. Jennifer's sensitivity and compassion are clear in how she handled the portraits and the emotions that are so clearly portrayed in them. An exhibition of this work will open on 28 April at the Belfast Exposed Gallery. It is also being used to highlight the cause of women in this position with the Northern Ireland Assembly in the hope that the lack of specialist nursing care can be addressed.

Next week the club will be joined by Tony North from Manchester who will give a talk entitled "Flora" in which he will cover many species and techniques for photographing them along with post production.

Best wishes,

Frances Price


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